Best Group for promotions and marketing General Supplies

Best Group for promotions and marketing General Supplies … is keen to make a bid our services to you as we hope to further fruitful cooperation between us in all fields available ..hat we must all of us as partners in the work in the economic sphere and the commercial activity of the private sector to join hands in achieving as he indicated by Mr. / President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi – President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. In his meeting with businessmen in the Economic Summit to open new areas of work and provide more job opportunities and facilitate the fields in front of the owners of capital in and outside Egypt ..

We specialize in ..

Preparation of feasibility studies and business development in various activities (industrial and commercial).
Supply and marketing of all products and services and various activities.
Identify and target the appropriate client.
Selection and training and equipping sales outstanding men.
Management and operation of telephone sales and marketing centers via satellite.
Design and publicize the Web sites of companies and various facilities.
Design and implementation of all office and propaganda publications.
As we have signed electronically ( Marketing eBook and contractors with major shipping companies for all throughout Egypt and the Arab world … enabling us to assume the responsibility of marketing and sales management at many companies, institutions and individuals and individual entrepreneurs … as we stand hand in hand with newborn business from companies and individuals as provide them with our expertise in the field of marketing, sales and facilitate them many things and raise all their shoulders a lot .. where we can assume responsibility for the marketing of their products from A to Z .. ((print Flyer and  posters,website design, promotions and marketing at various electronically or marketing channels on the satellite channels, ad banners, publications etc …. next to our expertise in the management of telephone sales and shipping and collection process ….

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