company specializing in affiliate marketing for all products and services .., the goal of the company’s website is to promote the domain economist at Egypt .. where we offer companies great opportunities to display products and services are special and detailed and selling them through this site the same selling price in their premises. .. On the other hand we provide customers the trouble of field shopping and facilitate the process of picking what suits them from products .. where in this site is available for the customer to choose the product and compared like his products as well as price comparison is smooth and facilitator .. and once you choose the application and registration of shipping data delivery … The company that purchased the product to be his product shipped after contact him and order confirmation notification .. knowing that (sale price of the site is the selling price of the company directly without any additional costs) only bear the shipping cost .. The product is shipped and connect it to the customer through major shipping companies in Egypt and the Middle East (Aramex) and notify the client is shipping number for tracking shipping himself … The Aramex collection of product value from the client … and thus providing our customers hardship on the field and save time shopping for them ..

The site features the following benefits:

View products bilingual (Arabic and English) and also in various currencies
Provide an opportunity for many young people from profiting from the site through indirect marketing so as to establish a special account of the individual and the formation of its own link through the site and any customer who purchase through this link is calculated commision joint of the individual in this system .. (tree marketing system)
The possibility of not bid unless the client has to register his account and this is useful in compiling data to customers to inform them of all the new product is added through an electronic write to them directly through the site.
The ability to display ads featured big companies a direct link to their sites
Second: Site management steps and target customers: –

The site has been registered in various search engines have also been established in each particular location of the famous social networking sites such as accounts (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter) in order to spread the largest number of the pioneers of Internet users.
Print introductory brochure for the site and services provided to companies that .. illustrates the importance of marketing through the provision of salary, as well as sales and marketing representative. It also explains how to deal with him.
Regarding the follow-up target companies .. daily newspapers ads. We note that a large number of companies require sales representatives salaries + commissions .. If these companies were targeted and display capabilities and Mzaah Subscribe to this site .. they will achieve the desired goal of a sales representative and less than half the expected salary to him.
There are many companies do not have an electronic sites and these can target them to take advantage of marketing through FREE.
Thatha: Osalbeb marketing of the site ..

It is currently marketing the site through the Internet .. until the spread is quite a bit, attracting many visitors
And are also some companies collect data and display products to them free of charge for a month .. to fill the site with some products.
After that the site is filled with some products .. can be placed on the site advertising the tape in some satellite channels .. ads and marketing brochures for example mediator name

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